Nicki is known in the industry for betting 100 percent on having the best gear available.

Nicki often replaces his gear after just a few runs, even though there is nothing wrong with the gear.

In order to clean up the workshop in Brenderup, Nicki therefore regularly sells out of his used gear at reasonable prices.

One thing in common for all of the gear gear that is for sale, is that it is 100 percent okay and completely in accordance with the description and the listed pictures.

If you want to buy some of the listed gear, please contact

The listed prices are usually non-negotiable.

If you want the gear shipped, shipping priceis added to the prices below.

Oil mat

700 DKK / € 96 / £ 80

Oil mat league style

Complete set of covers

1.900 DKK / € 250 / £ 225

SEC style