Dankemi is a manufacturer of a wide range of chemical products for the automotive and industrial sectors.

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When it comes to delivering the best in ignition and sensor technology, NGK is the leader.  With their wide range, they have been supplying products for the last 80 years to the whole world.

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Vision Broderi

Arai Helmet

Arai helmets are No. 1 in racing.  Their development and focus on security and protection is characteristic of Arai.

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Cti is known worldwide as a pioneer in advanced orthopedic technology and improving people’s mobility.  They supply specially made leg splints to those who make the highest demands.

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Teng Tools

Teng Tools stands out from the crowd.  Their experience in motorsport mechanics makes it easy to adapt to everyone’s needs.  Their concept “Get Organized” is perfect for creating toolkits for those who make demands.

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Makita provides power tools, accessories and related services to a wide range of customers, primarily in the construction, industry and retail sectors.

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Daytona supplies motorcycle boots and is known all over the world for being the best.

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GM Engines

GM Engines is an Italian company selling engines and spare parts.

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SOS Racingparts

SOS produces specially designed stickers, banners and car advertisements according to the customers’ own designs and wishes.

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Twin Air

Twin Air is the world’s largest manufacturer of air filters.  They offer air filters with superior construction made of the highest quality.

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Stickerland is a Scandinavian promotional article company.  They make everything in stickers and labels.

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Korbik Nadruk

Korbik performs seamstress work, embroidery and repairs.  They go into detail and the highest quality.

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KW Products

KW supplies racewear for both professionals and amateurs.  KW focuses on the individual so you can design your own style without compromising.

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Ortema provides sports protection and orthopedic technology.  They have many years of experience in the development of orthoses, protection and sports support.

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