Status on Nicki’s injury:

The specialists are pretty sure that they can see a new fracture in the 7th neck vertebra.
This also means that the facial joint between the 6th and 7th neck vertebra is at big risk of injury, and can therefore damage the nerves in this area.
However, there must be a new scan to confirm whether there is such a fracture or not.
This scan will be made early July, as there need to be at least 5 weeks between those two scans.
Nicki is now going to take the specialists verdict in to consideration. It’s very hard to accept for Nicki especially because his hunger after racing again gets bigger every day.
We will inform more about the injury when the final scans are taken early July. With this in mind we all hope to see Nicki on the track in July.
Unfortunately this also means that Nicki has to withdraw from the Grand Prix in Horsens.
Nicki has chosen to follow the advice from the doctors and specialists, although there is an uncertainty about the diagnosis of Nicki’s injury.
We wish you all a great Grand Prix in Horsens and hope to see a big crowd and some fantastic speedway.