After many considerations, Nicki has chosen to withdraw from the Danish national team. Nicki has been part of the national team throughout his career and has won 11 medals on behalf of Denmark, four of which have been gold.

“It’s no secret that in recent seasons I have not agreed with the Danish national speedway coach team in how we reach the goals.
I have always been proud to represent Denmark, but the time has come for a change of generations to take place in Danish speedway. One should see it as a well-intentioned nudge to Danish speedway, so we do not continue in the same vein as in recent years. I hope it makes room for more young drivers to be considered for the national team by pulling myself off the team, so we in a short period of time, yet again will be able to fight for a Danish gold medal.

See you on the tracks in 2018 where I will do my part, so Denmark will be seen among the best speedway nations in the future for both senior and youth.”