Nicki has received an answer from the CT scan that was conducted last Monday at Hamlet in Copenhagen. There is positive and less positive feedback on the current state.
The positive feedback on the scan shows that a very good healing process is undergoing of the newly rupture Nicki suffered on the spinal cord C7 in Holsted the 24th of May.
One can quite clearly see progress in comparison with the latest scan, where doctors think there is a good possibility for the neck to heal completely. This also means that Nicki has planned a new scan in approximately two months where the results likely will show the fracture is completely healed.
The less positive feedback on the scan is that doctors do not think it is appropriate to resume the season at this current moment. Therefore, Nicki must unfortunately end season 2017, but hopes to get back on the bike in 2018.
“There is of course no guarantee that I will be back in 2018, but when the doctors and my physiotherapist Lisa Thomey thinks there is a chance, I will have to pursue it. I had of course hoped for the green light already, but I am still relieved and positive about the feedback from the doctors” Nicki says.