Nicki Pedersen and N’Gine in a joint battle for speedway trophies

In the speedway season of 2018, the new ambassador of the N’Gine brand, Nicki Pedersen will compete in the Polish Extraleauge in Grupa Azoty Unia Tarnów team.

Nicki Pedersen is one of the most recognizable speedway riders in the world, providing his fans and the public with a lot of joy and excitement. Experienced Dane is a natural born winner who gives his opponents few chances to beat him. The competition is in his blood and there are simply no limits to overcome for the three – time Individual Speedway World Champion. In the upcoming season he will fight for the new achievements – the fourth World Champion title and regaining the title of the Individual European Champion, which he won in 2016.

The brand of energy drink N’Gine, inseparably linked to the masculine world of motorsports, has invited Nicki Pedersen, who identifies its values. N’Gine is a synonym of strength, competition, it’s a fuel needed to reach the finish line in a life at a high gear – it adds power when energy levels drop and additional support is required.

– I have been a fan of Nicki Pedersen for years – this brave rider, the World Champion is a man “hungry for victory” who never gives up. He is the epitome of masculinity, experience, adrenaline, life at high gear, thus fits perfectly with the N’Gine brand, knowingly pursuing the strategy based on motorsports. I am convinced that he is the perfect ambassador of our team. I will be supporting him during his races. – said Wiesław Włodarski, President of the FoodCare company.

Indeed, Pedersen never lets go – even after a hard injury he returns and fights with redoubled effort. The rider sacrificed most of the last season for his recovery. The severity of that injury is demonstrated by the fact that he was close to finishing his speedway career. Known for fighting to the last meters, Nicki “Power” Pedersen, will race in the Speedway Euro Championship 2018 qualifications in April.

– I am well prepared for the new speedway season. I spent many months on treatment and rehabilitation after the injury. Many people thought that I would not return to sport, but the need for rivalry is extremely strong. I won against pain, because speedway is my whole life, my greatest passion. That is why I signed a new contract with the N’Gine brand, which fits my lifestyle perfectly. By signing a contract with N’Gine I will do my best to promote the product not only in Poland, but also in the rest of Europe. – said Nicki.

For many years, N’Gine, the brand of FoodCare, supports people living an intense and fast life and cooperates with the best athletes – previously, it was promoted by the Polish Formula 1 driver – Robert Kubica. A new can with the image of Nicki Pedersen will be available on the market. Additionally the brand will provide support for in-store knitting, including the strong presence of dedicated POS materials. N’Gine is also the official sponsor of the Speedway Euro Championship – a prestigious competition in the “black sport” category.